Version 4.4.39
  • bugfix: queue reinvite txns if needed to avoid overlapping requests
Version 4.4.38
  • pass From display name in createB2BUA if provided
  • bugfix for B2BUA race condition where CANCEL from A arrives same time as 200 OK from B; must send ACK_BYE to B
  • 401/407 Authorization header should not surround qop with double quotes
  • Fix add listeners before connecting to drachtio
  • bugfix: unhold event on dialog triggered falsely
  • bugix: dialog should emit refresh if only thing changed is the version in o= line
  • fixes for contact header scenarios issues #76, #75
  • set Response.status property when sending final response so it can be retrieved later via Response#statusCode
  • Response object emits 'end' event when final response is sent bugfix: silently discard attempts to send a response when a final response has already been sent (#13)