Reference applications

A collection of sample and starter applications.

Simple B2BUA that proxies media.


A simple B2BUA that uses rtpengine to proxy media.

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Call generator for load testing.


generates calls at configurable rates and limits, initially developed to test conference bridges.

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implements a SIP proxy that distributes incoming calls across a bank of Freeswitch servers.

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implements presence and instant messaging (as per RFC 6665, RFC 3856, RFC 3903, RFC 3428).

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A SIPREC recording server, using either rtpengine or Freeswitch to make the recordings.

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sample webapp for drachtio server.


A simple express-based web callback for routing calls on drachtio server.

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A B2BUA that allows a WebRTC client to register, make and receive calls through a VoIP service provider.

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