Version 0.8.4
  • fix travis osx build
  • add support for specifying number of log files to keep
  • bugfix: crash sending ACK to target with dns name that needs to be resolved (110)
  • bugfix - crash when RR header in 200 OK response has dns name (#110)
  • add tests for handling reinvite with null sdp and invoking fnAck
  • add dialogid to msgs back to app when sending a response within a dialog
  • pass ip address:port new incoming request was received on to client applications
  • bugfix: address to bind to for client connections was being ignored (#103)
  • add support for adding headers to CANCEL request
  • add support for tcp keepalive
  • return 491 Request Pending if we receive a re-INVITE while still processing a previous INVITE transaction
  • travis change to build node 10.x for tests
  • temp revert nta_outgoing_destroy due to crash (#76)
Version 0.8.3