Version 0.8.14
  • #187 handle race condition where webrtc client disconnects after sending an INVITE but before we respond.
  • Dockerfile update to handle running in a container on AWS when IMDSv2 is enabled
  • #179 bugfix: crash when trying to send a response over websocket transport that has been shutdown
  • update to sofia with support for dns using search patterns in resolv.conf
  • update to sofia-sip with mem leak fix in ws_destroy()
  • fix memory access after free
  • update to latest sofia (fix for handling wss clients that close connection) plus tport reference fixes
  • bugfix: wrong CSeq on ACK in reinvite on UAS leg; regression from recent prack/ack fix
Version 0.8.12
  • #177 update to latest sofia@latest with mem leak fixes and ios 15 websocket fix
  • #178 Bugfix: prack/ack cseq error
  • bugfix: update to sofia that does not call SSL_shutdown in certain failure cases (haproxy triggers these cases)