Making SIP server applications as easy to build as web apps

Building SIP server applications is harder than it should be.

It doesn't leverage web developer skillsets, often means deploying multiple products for point solutions, and usually requires mastering esoteric configuration file syntax and directives.

And once you've got all that deployed? Well, congratulations -- you've just bought yourself a full-time job managing it.

drachtio is the open source SIP application server ecosystem that aims to end all that.
It consists of a high-performance and easily-configured SIP server (written in C++), and a Node.js framework that enables applications to control the server and implement application logic.

One server to run all of your applications, with a familiar http-style middleware API that allows you to create any type of SIP server application using Node.js.


Dave Horton@davehorton

Prior to creating drachtio, Dave founded a startup that sold SIP application servers to some of the world's largest telecoms and CSPs. When not building SIP applications or managing SIP networks for clients, he indulges a passion for rugby and trekking. Dave hails from Boston, though drachtio was born in beautiful Pembrokeshire Wales.