Version 4.3.5
  • Fixed bug in Dialog#handle where an incoming NOTIFY request with a Subscription-State header was assumed to be for a SUBCRIBE dialog - this is not the case for a NOTIFY after a REFER.
  • Fix bug in Digest authentication: nc and algorithm values should not be in quotes in Authorization (or Proxy-Authorization) header.
Version 4.3.4
  • Added opts.responseHeaders to Srf#createB2BUA to provide SIP headers to include on responses to the A party. The value may be either an object containing the SIP headers to apply on all responses to the A party (provisional as well as final), or a function returning an object that contains the SIP headers to apply. If a function is provided, it will be called with the signature (uacRes, headers), where uacRes is the response received from the B party, and headers are the SIP headers that have already been set on the response message to the A party (e.g., through the opts.proxyResponse option).