The Node.js framework for SIP server applications

We make SIP server applications as easy to build as web apps
  // A simple SIP proxy..
  const Srf = require('drachtio-srf');
  const srf = new Srf() ;
  const config = require('config');

  srf.connect(config.get('drachtio.server')) ;

  srf.invite((req, res) => {
    srf.proxyRequest(req, ['', ''], {
      recordRoute: true,
      followRedirects: true
Get Started

For developers.

If you've used any of the popular Node.js web application frameworks, then learning drachtio will be a breeze. Once you've installed a drachtio server, you'll write your application logic completely in Node.js, using a familiar middleware pattern.

Generate your first app in two shakes by using our yeoman generator!

For service providers.

The distributed architecture means that application logic can be managed, deployed, and scaled completely independently from SIP call processing servers.
From an operations management standpoint, separating application logic and SIP server processes simplifies and aligns your team's responsibilities.

The cloud-friendly architecture allows you to deploy applications into grid computing clusters, like Kubernetes, while SIP servers can be separately managed in their own autoscale clusters. Integration with tools like Homer and fail2ban make it easy to integrate into your ops ecosystem.

Time to crank up the awesome.

drachtio was born in carrier networks, where five 9's reliability is a way of life.

Check out the Getting Started docs,
and then build a drachtio server from source
or grab a docker image and start building apps.